The pro shop is a service provided to our members. It acts as an outlet for Victory Fencing Gear of San Mateo, California. It is a distributor of the FWF line of dependable German products, the Absolute line of high-quality Chinese fencing equipment, and the renowned Negrini line of Italian-made international competition gear. It also distributes what are considered to be the best fencing blades in the world, those from the Blaise-Frere forge in France. This variety allows us to satisfy the full range of fencers’ needs, from inexpensive but durable pieces for the beginner or recreational fencer, or moderately-priced equipment for the locally-oriented tournament fencer, up to top-of-the-line equipment for the serious national competitor.

All equipment is quality-checked at Victory Fencing before it is sent on, and our Nationally-rated Armorer is always available to handle any questions or concerns about your purchases.

Our pro shop functions as a catalogue store for Victory. We carry samples in stock for examination and for sizing, but the customer’s actual order is placed on Monday and delivery is made to the club on the following Thursday. While we charge the same prices as are listed in Victory’s catalogue, by ordering through us the customer can take advantage of our discounted shipping and handling charges. And we take care of any returns that may prove necessary.

The pro shop is open whenever Cabrillo is, and if necessary, occasionally by private appointment.